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Jun-25-2017 Categories: news

Jesus christ...6'4 96 dispatch 95 acc. And the 87 zone. the affair bringing it down is the 68 Playrec, but you don't accept to draft spd, acc, or breadth so that doesn't in actuality matter.

I affirm this is the endure viral CFM abstract aces afore new madden - Cheap Madden NFL 17 Coins. I had aback to aback to aback drafts in our alliance with picks like this.

Nothing even abutting since. 2 CBs, both got to 99 all-embracing and 99 MCV, 99 ZCV, 99 Press and 90+ acquaintance and play recognition.

The added aces was a WR I got to 99 dispatch and dispatch (won MVP his amateur year @ 21 years old) and 99 catch, 99 CIT, 99 route, 99 release.

Broke all of Rice's annal except for receptions. Was in actuality annoying accepting told every time he denticulate how it bankrupt the new record. Endure I arrested he had 350+ TDs.

I won every bold for like 4 seasons straight, all-madden, banal sliders.

I'm not aggravating to draft here, just get you absorbed for what you may be able to do with this guy.

Make abiding every week, and every year he is one of the three focused players on development.

Don't be abashed if he his stats are low though, the CPU will ambition added receivers instead. Also, accept fun alert to anybody abroad in the alliance bitch

I ambition you could Troy Amber him and accept him play WR on the alfresco too. Even if his avenue active is trash, you could abort a lot of defenses by accepting him run a fly route of Madden Coins.

You could. Get him hella xp afresh move aback to cb and pump xp in lmao.

I beggarly in the aforementioned game. Even as a 4th cord WR so he's alone be in a scattering of plays, but starting at CB.