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Apr-08-2017 Categories: news

Does anyone abroad feel like the bold doesn't wish you to win sometimes? I got my punt blocked for a safety of Madden 18 Coins.

Then on my GW drive, I got my acreage ambition blocked for a TD return...All adjoin the CPU. You accept to accept a shitty long-snapper?

The aforementioned affair happened to me the added day afterwards accepting 17 credibility in the 4 division to tie the bold ,then bold acceptable FG accepting alternate for a TD with 3 abnormal on the clock.

Up by 14...2 account to go. bandy a aces 6...fine...I'll run the alarm down...fumbled with my fb. 80 backyard touchdown...2 point about-face with 6 abnormal to go. yeah...grumpy.

Pretty abundant everybody on the sub yeah. Aswell EVERY canyon that gets angled , turns into an interception.

Most annoying affair seeing the defenders amphitheatre hot potato with the brawl and afresh acrimonious it off.

Yesterday black I absent to the 2-8 Jets afterwards putting up over 600yds of absolute breach and 45 points. I had a 24 point advance at bisected time. There was swearing.

Back if I played Pro AI, I blocked FGs appealing regularly. Now adjoin all-pro AI, I've never blocked a individual FG. Any admonition on accepting added FG blocks adjoin the AI?

Its all luck if your bend agent can accomplish it in time, i havent bent if there is a pattern, but it is strange.

From what I've apparent you in fact abandoned block FGs if the account is abutting or the bold is on the line.

All added times you just don't get the action that allows you to get in foreground of the kicker.