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NFL - How you would do it on PS4

The action I acclimated requires and Xbox and Windows 10. Not abiding how you would do it on PS4. You'll charge to install the Xbox app on your PC for this to work. This is gonna be a continued asthmatic acknowledgment so get ready.

1,Go into Instant Replay and acquisition a affectation you like.

2,Double tap the Xbox button, afresh columnist Y to yield a screenshot.

3,Open the Xbox app on your PC, go to the "Captures" tab and baddest "On Xbox Live".

4,Locate the screenshot afresh hit download. The photo will be adored beneath your Captures binder on your PC.

5,(Optional) Achieve the accomplishments cellophane application GIMP or some online tool, afresh abode your amateur on a accomplishments you like.

6,Using Google Chrome, go to mutheadDOTcom and seek for any amateur so you can appearance their card.

7,Right bang the agenda and hit "Inspect".

8,Scroll until you adeptness an HTML aspect reading.

9,Use the arrow to accessible it and alpha alteration the argument to fit your needs. You can acclimate by appropriate exhausted the band and hitting Acclimate as HTML. You can aswell annul elements if you don't ambition them. Whatever you do, don't brace the page or all the changes will be deleted.

10,Once you acquire the argument to your liking, upload your player's angel to imgbbDOTcom. Grab the URL hotlink in the HTML aspect it creates.

11,Replace the card-background by removing the argument central url() and pasting your hotlink in.

12,You're done. Now just screenshot the website or use snippets to crop and save the card.

You animate on a way to do the "stats" allotment of the card? This is cool. I'd adulation to do one for Lord Voldemort of Darth Vader (my Wr and Qb).

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