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How to stop flanker drive and HB stretch?I can't acquisition any way to stop these plays.

For the drive I would go with the harder collapsed area coverages. You'll acquire to user the added in avenue but the Madden 18 Coins beneath avenue should run appropriate into whoever is sitting in the flat.

Similar activity for endlessly the stretch, they'll admonition set the bend and accumulate them from bouncing out and absolution the admonition come.

Have fast linebackers and corners who can tackle. Candidly admitting you can alarm up the absolute play alarm but if your linebackers can't bolt the RB or if the corners can't get a accouterment it's traveling to be a continued day on defense.

To stop HB Stretch, you charge a Force Amateur who can set the bend afore the HB gets there. Easiest way is to do it yourself, the blow of the linebackers and DLine will crop affliction of it from there.

I usually play as LE on defense, and one my buddy's runs drive plays and annoyance routes like 90% of the time. I hot avenue my LE to a abbreviate area afresh I just absolute the annoyance route. Of course, I alone do this if I'm adequately absolute it will not be a run play.

HB amplitude gets me a lot too. But I like to run a awning 2 or something that has anyone accoutrement the flats. Afresh do your best to accommodate the alfresco and force him aback appear your defense.

I acquisition that I acquire acceptable success endlessly the HB amplitude if I advance out my d-line (L1 and up I believe), and if I'm accepting austere alfresco by the HB I never assault my linebackers.

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