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Mar-13-2017 Categories: news

Lmao im accepting there with julio jones in my authorization too, anniversary 9 and i got like 1100 yards and i anticipate 21 TDs, went aback to anger 15 so i could put vick on the falcons for one endure run, and this motherfucker has been throwing 400 yards a game. he throws a aces or two every added game,Madden NFL 17 Coins but he had a 600 backyard bold for me this season, 8 TD passes in it, 7 to julio, and i wanna say vick has like 3500 yards already by anniversary 10, 1000 yards advanced of the next baton drew brees at like 2300. this bits is torn lmao.

Lol damn. Yeah I absence if Vick was on the Eagles. Him and McCoy options were about unfair. And afresh with maclin and d jax in the mix it was crazy. By far my admired Eagles agenda in madden.

Tell me about it, anger 13 eagles are basically a 3 peat cat-and-mouse to appear so continued as you abstract appropriate and advance the accessory a bit, if alone dawkins ashore about a bit best man that was my dream aback if they aboriginal got vick.

Then dent kelly went and fucked the accomplished authorization and things were never the same.Ruined the team. But now it seems as admitting we accept a acceptable Qb now so hopefully we can abstract appropriate the next few seasons acknowledgment to accepting on top of the NFC east afresh like with Reid.

And I went aback in the accomplished few maddens and created clips of agnate situations (I approved to get these to bout up as abutting as possible, for archetype agnate plays/routes) in anniversary year of madden.

Im not adage the bold has or hasnt afflicted for bigger or worse, I just anticipation it would be air-conditioned to accept these clips ancillary by ancillary to see if there are any noticable differences in the games.

I achievement you guys enjoy! Let me apperceive if there is annihilation you apprehension or anticipation would be different!