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NFL - Fix the antic chargeless abettor system

Horribly aghast at the answers in this interview. All the things that charge acclimation they accept to acceptation this contemporary feature?

Tell me how you're traveling to fix the antic chargeless abettor system. Acquaint me how players at the age of 28, the prime of the Madden NFL 17 Coins careers, will stop regressing.

Tell me how you fabricated a affection that saves amateur even if they get torn Acquaint me how you bigger on A blah aloof arrangement Acquaint me how you bigger the re-sign.

Letting us restructure affairs to accord us added flexibility. Acquaint me how traveling to play the pro basin Live division update...? That is our future. Fucking nonsense.

Live Division Updates would be air-conditioned if they apparatus it right...because audio does get stale...but I am abiding they alone apparatus it partially authentic and it will not in actuality affect to the stats we accumulate during our season.

We'll just apprehend how Odell Beckham torn up the Saints in anniversary 7 in RL even admitting he was shut down in CFM world. But the abstraction that I can alpha mid division with my 49ers(or any team) just seems like...dumb.

Maybe accepting able to alpha with the agenda at that point would be cool...but I anticipation that was already a feature.

Scouting is soooooo...Thoughtless I abhorrence the abstraction I go through it every week.

Fixing the ticker would be good...you apperceive if you achieve it to the playoffs it just shows 4 or 5 array constantly.

Which i assumption isn't too angrily annoying until you achieve it to the NFC/AFC Title amateur and you just see one score.

Keeping flipping up...and up and up again. How about use that to add some MVP info...or add Playoff stats...something!

You may wish to re-listen to the annotation part, or go play FIFA to see an classic of what he's apropos to. If I accept anyone arch the mvp chase the commentators are traveling to altercate how the amateur is accomplishing and what they anticipate he needs to do win, etc.

Yeah, it'll be auto pulled from a all-encompassing set of discussions based on what's accident in your cfm...but I like it.

Scouting isn't thoughtless, unless you're traveling artlessly for best available. It's not the best system, but some humans (like me) adore the action (even admitting there should be added uncertainty, such as a accidental heisman bust, etc).