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NFL - Excellent achievement so far

Weird catechism about quick bout online ability akin - am I acceptable or is it the competition? I'm not bragging, but I in actuality don't apperceive anyone arena Madden online to ask Madden NFL 18 Coins.

I apperceive a lot of humans play leagues because of the poor behavior of some online (quitting, cheesing).

I'm at 8.4% (and rising) of the ranked players arena quick match; what would you acceptance would be the aberration if every one played quick match?

I don't play with the Pats or annihilation either. If I'm on a cycle I'll play the Browns or Texans - added times I play with the Seahawks, KC, or Oakland.

BTW, I am 47 years old. I ambition they had these kinds of amateur if I was a kid. I anticipation that Intellivision was the bits (lol). I've been apprehensive the same.

I'm currently in the top 2.7% with a almanac of 248-197 arena alone with the Rams on the PS4.

I do apprehension that it's accepting harder and harder, and occasionally I'll accept a bulletin pop up during a bold that says something forth the curve of:

"Wow! Excellent achievement so far! It appears that you are a lot bigger than you're opponent. Accord us a additional while we accord him a adventitious to accord up now."

I attending beneath at the allotment you are in and added at your record. If you attending at some of the humans on there, they are ranked top 100 artlessly because they play a lot of games, even admitting their win arrangement is about aloft 1.0. Accepting an almost 2.0 win/loss arrangement is in actuality good!