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NFL - EA Teasing Madden 18

I ambition they'd focus on offline CFM but affairs are we already apperceive breadth their focus is gonna be. Smooth gameplay and able oline mechanics? Customer service? Or a dumbass agenda bold you acquire to pay added for Madden NFL Coins. One of them.

MUT sub gets acrid about MUT too tbf. But bottomward $60 on a bold and again accepting a bisected broiled artefact with the abandoned allotment of said bold that's acutely cared about through the year is the approach breadth you acquire to advertise money into it is BS from a customer standpoint.

You don't acquire to boost money at all to acquire a acceptable team, but I get what you're adage with the added stuff. That isn't the point, the point is added humans can boost all that money and get a aggregation muuuuch faster and better. pay 2 win is stupid.

Off acreage issues/suspensions should be added in CFM. I ahead it's the aforementioned every year, so abacus that would be amazing.

No way the NFL would acquiesce adolescent admirers to acquire to acquaintance that in their game. It's babble though.

Yeah, you do acquire a point on that. I just anticipation it'll be added astute to add that into the game.

EA has to get approval from the NFL on a lot of things they put it in the game. How the bold handled concussions, custom teams, etc are examples. Agnosticism they'd ambition suspensions to reflect the "image of the shield".

All I can say is I achievement they attack to abode CFM. Afterwards my associate bold me NBA 2k17's authorization mode, Madden's is an complete joke. Seriously, even if you're not an NBA fan attending up the appearance and stuff.

Its amusing how bits Madden is in comparison, but it will answer because all suckers out there, like me, MUT 18 Coins will be agog for an adapted bold because I'm absorbed to the NFL.