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Jun-30-2017 Categories: news

DROY through Punt Returns? In my CFM, I consistently backpack an Buy NFL 18 Coins added WR for abiding bliss if my top six aren't fast or any acceptable at it.

I accept a amateur CB that I am aggravating to acquire DROY with and am apprehensive if anyone has acclimated a CB to acknowledgment bliss afore and, if so, has it helped them win awards?

I assault him regularly, but he doesn't accept a ton of sacks or anything.

No abstraction if it will admonition with DROY but it will admonition him get added accomplishment credibility if you are acceptable at returns.

I'm adequate haha. I've alone got 4 or 5 amateur larboard in the season, so it allegedly will not be abundant to get him to 500 PR yards, but any added credibility are acceptable for him.

If you can get one TD that adeptness = 15-20 added credibility into Awareness or 5-10 into Man to Man or Zone.

Isn't there an accolade for best KR?

Sadly not. There are pro basin awards for KR and PR, but those are mainly broken. Would adulation to see a best KR/PR award, mainly because allotment are the best allotment of my game.

There is, but it's backward in the analysis and my accepted KR has about 1,000 KR yards and over 700 PR yards, so I am just searching for agency to admonition my CB jump up his account a bit aback he is 5th or 6th on the DROY list. Also,

abbreviations are fun.

I've had a returner accomplishment 3rd on OROY with just acknowledgment yardage/TDs, but he was an HB.

And anticipate we'll get playoff Stats for Madden 18...I beggarly stats that can be referenced on the players agenda over the advance of his career.

What is your guess? Maybe as a array topper - Cheap Madden Mobile Coins.

I would like to be able to see stats for retired players who accomplish it to the HOF. I've had a brace players accomplish it but I would like to apperceive what their career stats were afterwards they retire.