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NFL - Darth Vader Goes For His 3rd Super Bowl

Hello, All!

Pictures of the added important players on the Panthers and Falcons are acquaint here:Panthers Falcons.

Tonight, the NFC South Alliance (clever, I know) is hosting its 2021 NFC Conference Championship bold amid the London Panthers and Atlanta Falcons on Exhausted starting at 12:15am est. The beck will be blue-blooded “Darth Vader goes for 3rd SB, 2021 Chip”. There are 3 users, two are top academy football coaches (an abhorrent band drillmaster and a arresting aback coach), Madden NFL 17 Coins and the added plays banderole football. A little about the league: Air-conditioned Bowl counts:

Atlanta Falcons, accomplished by Deion Sanders: 1 London Panthers, accomplished by Darth Sidious: 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, accomplished by Cumbel MacGuyver: 2

The alliance has acclimated all absence sliders (All-Madden difficulty)

The storyline/history (it’s quite...interesting.)

During the fantasy draft, Atlanta best a adequately approved aggregation (he’s an abhorrent band drillmaster who believes in acceptable football simulation), Tampa best a agglomeration of top rated abhorrent linemen and traded them for old “high overall” studs, and Carolina best a agglomeration of accelerated guys (dbs, lbs, and a agglomeration of receivers).

Season 1: Carolina moves Braxton Miller to Quarterback and renames him Darth Vader, and appropriately the angry authority was born. Dbs were confused to linebacker (Keanu Neal and Kam Chancellor were the starters at lb) and lbs were confused to dline (Dante Fowler and Myles Jack were the studs there). Tampa traded for a top all-embracing aggregation and appealing abundant steamrolled its way to the 1st Air-conditioned Bowl, beforehand by Matt Moore at qb.

Season 2: Carolina filed for alteration to London afterwards trading for the Bulk 1 all-embracing aces (drafting Darth Maul, a 6’4 bend with 96 speed, 97 acceleration), and Atlanta traded for added top overalls (Luke Keuchly, Odell Beckham,etc.). The angry authority addled big (Vader was the MVP and became a stud), but abandoned had the 6th berry afterwards accepting swept by Tampa. However, Carolina marched into Tampa and won in the 2nd round, and met Atlanta (the 5th seed) in the NFC Championship: acceptable big and afresh the Air-conditioned Bowl.

Season 3: A lot of agenda movement, but this time Atlanta gets the 1st berry and goes best for a 19-0 Air-conditioned Bowl season. Tampa and London didn’t angle adventitious adjoin a stacked, adept aggregation (Ezekial Elliot makes his aboriginal moves as a 99 dispatch rb).

Season 4: Tampa strikes afresh with their 2nd year qb Cole Pritchard, traveling in to 1st berry London’s Death Brilliant and acquisition the ahead aggressive Panthers. They afresh marched in to Atlanta and took affliction of business.

Season 5: London repeats analysis 3’s ascendancy that Atlanta had, traveling 19-0 and searching unstoppable. The Angry Authority is hated by all in the league, and tries to accomplish a big move with Lord Voldemort (by far the best receiver in the league) in the offseason, and Atlanta swoops in to accomplish Darth Sidious pay for his mistake.

Season 6: Lord Voldemort is renamed to Lamarius Tubbs, afterwards Drillmaster Sanders brings him to the ablaze side, as this was his aboriginal name. At this point (Sidious abreast Sanders of his aboriginal name), it is accomplished that Lord Tubbs (a receiver on the Panthers) is Voldemort’s brother, Harrison Riddle (there is a approach that Harry Potter is in actuality Harrison Riddle, Voldemort’s brother in Potterworld).

Atlanta aswell picks up Marcus Mariota to accomplish a beforehand to tie the Air-conditioned Bowl count. This analysis shows a lot of parity, with Tampa across-the-board Atlanta, Atlanta across-the-board London, and London across-the-board Tampa. With all three teams at 14-2 and a

round-robin sweeping, the tie-breaker goes to the net credibility adjoin analysis opponents: Tampa takes the 1st seed, Atlanta the 5th, and London the 6th. For the aboriginal time in the league, Tampa and Atlanta yield all of the annual awards.

London campaign to Tampa and defeats the Bucs 13-7, captivation the MVP, 99 dispatch Lamarcus Phillips to 8 yards hasty and 23 yards accepting (his affliction bold all year). The Battle amid acceptable and Madden NFL Coins angry are tonight, with the Dark Ancillary advancing in with pride and the Falcons searching to stop The Authority from cardinal the galaxy!