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NFL - Closest analysis hunt ever

Confused as to why the colts are advanced of the Texans in this scenario...Well standings don't amend midweek. As you can see both Jags and Titans haven't played their anniversary 17 bold yet, while user is Jags and doesn't play titans, so there is added than one user in this league.

Possible that Texans were 7-8 and Colts were 7-7-1 traveling in to the week. That would explain things of Madden NFL 17 Coins. Ah yeah that'll be it. Saw Jags and Titans hadn't played but didn't realise the standings don't amend midweek.

Had to attending this up myself once. In the NFL, clashing added sports leagues, a tie is counted as a bisected win. Not a abridged answer, but I bet Google will be added elaborate.

Even still, the Texans accomplished the analysis with a win allotment of .500 and the Colts accomplished with a win allotment of .469. Both teams absent 8 games. Texans won 8, Colts alone won 7. I'm appealing sure, in this case, the Texans would be above the Colts.

Edit: also, as a fan of a aggregation that's no drifter to ties, that was one actuality I already knew.

Well that is a absolute acceptable point. The Win % would be:





We don't get to see Analysis or Conference win loss. And to be honest, I am not abiding I accept anytime apparent a analysis that close, but maybe the Texans absent 3 amateur to the added teams in that analysis and it has a address on?

Googling about some and begin this.

I in actuality do not accept the answer. But now I am curious.