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NFL - Celebrity Guest Star

Total bits cavalcade but the bold is advancing its end afore the next year's archetypal comes out and I'm apathetic at work, so I ample I could get some of you guys to plan some fabricated stats with me.

So the abstraction is to create-a-players based off of complete apple athletes or celebrities from added realms.

What do you anticipate their stats should reflect? For some I'd say 'be gentle' as they aren't in their prime as abundant anymore (or accept passed) but would still be interesting.

In actuality a lot of of these athletes for bold account could allegedly get 10 years agape off.

Serena Williams (HB) - 35, 5'9", 155lbs.

LeBron James (WR, TE, or ROLB) - 32, 6'8", 250lbs.

Brock Lesnar (DE) - 39, 6'3", 265lbs.

Usain Bolt (WR, CB) - 30, 6'5", 207lbs.

Bruce Lee (KR, Gadget RB, WR) - 32, 5'7", 130-160lbs.

Mike Tyson (RB, FB, DE/DL) - Currently 50, but like... I'm cerebration Aboriginal 20's during his prime. 5'10", 216-239lbs.

Former FBI Director James Comey (Dude is massive, low Awareness, like in actuality low, but man, just a giant.) - 56, 6'8", Reported Approx. 200-243lbs. Basically no one knows.

Dwayne Johnson (OLB) - 45, 6'5", 260lbs.

Any others you'd like to physique or discuss? I'm traveling to plan on these if I get home and I'll do pictures and reviews for them already I get a chance. Feel chargeless to altercate stats.

I'd put Allen Iverson on here, Madden NFL 17 Coins aback he was one of the top affairs in the country in top school.