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NFL - Apathetic loading times and low fps

Anyone apperceive if it usually drops in price? Not abiding if that's adequate to ask actuality or not. Ambition has a abatement sale, it's not necessarily on bargain but it's buy two get one free Madden NFL 17 Coins.

Know if that usually starts? I adeptness be able to allocution a acquaintance into agreeable it. In my acquaintance it's been October mid-late of the month. Endure year I anticipate it was in actuality aboriginal November.

Seriously, I'll accord a complete answer. I own a PS4, it's aching to play the bold on a console. Apathetic loading times and low fps. If you'd like a applied example, try FIFA17 on a console, afresh afresh on a top end PC. It's night and day.

I anticipate in the endure 10 or so years of anger aback they chock-full putting it on PC, I've bought 2 or 3 copies. It's a shame, they accept a "flagship administration network" (Origin), but they will not accompany anger over.

I'm sad that this is my library on there. Accompany me UFC, NHL, and NFL and you'll get $60 a year from me. Video bold piracy has abundantly been dead by online agreeable anyways.

Interestingly I apprehend the complete acumen is not EA, it's the NFL doesn't acquiesce Anger on PC. They don't like that humans can mod the game, and they like to absorb austere artistic control.

There is a acumen you can't accomplish up asinine aggregation names if you relocate, and why they downplay animations which aftereffect in hits to the head, or backward hits. They are absurdly aggravating to ascendancy their image.

Interestingly, the endure Anger on PC was Anger 2007. Assumption if Rodger Goodell took his appointment as commish? September 1, 2006.

Another acumen to abhorrence the man imo. Yeah but comparing anger and FIFA are two in actuality adverse amateur that run off of altered engines for their physics as well...While I do accede with you that its BS about the relocation, helmet to helmet hits, etc.

I durably accept that Anger was fabricated for consoles, not putting it on PC takes money abroad from EA, yet it creates added business for others.

Think about it, anyone wants Anger sooooo bad right? So now they accept to go buy a PS4 or Xbox One. Added money spent, added big wigs happy. Makes sense.