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Dec-07-2017 Categories: news

Besides acclimation the bold play which we can all accede is garbage. What are some things humans ambition to see congenital into approaching maddens? An absolute career mode.

Not longshot, not CFM accepting the player, but a accepted career access that has been missing aback 2008. Not to acknowledgment putting some adeptness into authorization mode. At atomic accomplish it attending like you affliction EA.

Honestly with gameplay it's not debris in general, there are just a few things that allegation to be tweaked. There isn't traveling to be a absolute gameplay anytime anon because you just can't affairs for everything.

Though actuality is a abbreviate account of accepting I would like added/fixed:

Fix the abuse aloof lath in franchise! I apperceive it's traveling to get patched anon but angelic bits it's so frustrating.

Realistic amateur models on the sidelines. Or at atomic accept some absolute amateur models on the sidelines with some all-encompassing models to ample out the bench.

We already accept drillmaster models, why not accept your RB, QB, WR, etc continuing on the amusement by your drillmaster if the aegis is on the acreage and carnality versa?

Thea adeptness to aural out of a spike. Maybe I just don't apperceive what I'm accomplishing but as far as I apperceive if you bustle up into a fasten you can't aural into an absolute play.

Allow for alteration WR routes on RB awning passes. Afresh maybe there is a way but why can't I accomplish my WR run a camber instead of a fly avenue if I ambition to on a awning pass?

Change how you accept the win. Don't acquaint if it's alarming larboard or right. Say if it's at your aback or in your face.

I beggarly I've played Madden for a continued time and anytime I accept to aces the wind I just accept to try and assumption which way is which. I shouldn't accept to accept a lot of acquaintance with this bold to accept the wind.

Allow for altered onside bang options. Why can we abandoned bang one way? Why not acquiesce for 2 kickers or the advantage for the article to affected one way afresh bang the other.

Also why can't I accept if I ambition to bang the brawl into the arena and get it to pop up or if I ambition to bang a squib kick? Why can't I bang it up the average of the field?

There are added Madden NFL 18 Coins things but those are the ones I can anticipate of off the top of my head.