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Shit Talking Rights Alliance | STRL II | Est. Sept. 2016 Currently in WEEK 10 28 Teams User Teams Claimed.League Rules & Regulations (Updated 9/17/2016)

Teams Available: AFC South- Titans AFC West- Broncos AFC East- Jets NFC North- Bears NFC West- Rams

Schedule Breakdown | 28 Day Cycle Pre Analysis = 1 Day (1 anniversary playable, blow are simmed) Accustomed Analysis = 17 Canicule Playoffs= 4 Canicule Off Analysis = 6 Canicule Alliance is accountable to beforehand aboriginal if all User vs User amateur are finish. If a User no-shows a bold they will be placed on autopilot.

24 Hour league, Created coaches only.

Accustomed analysis sim time: 2 AM EST. Playoffs will be whenever users can play.

NO GAME RESTARTS/INTENTIONAL DISCONNECTS ALLOWED. If users get torn during game, yield a photo for proof.

If adversary no shows and your aggregation fabricated an accomplishment to agenda a time, your adversary will be put on auto pilot afterwards the 6:30 EST blow for you to play CPU.

Accumulate CPU amateur aural 35 credibility and/or aural the carbon limits.

STAT LIMITS FOR PLAYING CPU: QB- 450 Yards, 5 TDs. WR/TE/HB- 250 Yards, 3 TDs. If any carbon banned are broken, that amateur will be abeyant according to the bulk of carbon padding.

CPU trading is apprenticed to barter block trades only.

Players can change positions but CANNOT catechumen WR to TE unless he meets the requirements of 230 LBs and 60 run block?


General Rules 7 Minute Abode | PSN Network All-Madden Difficulty

Absolutely NO RESTARTS. (Sim the bold if you can't accomplishment it.)

Position Change Amateur Edits Only. The amateur you abstract is the amateur you draft.

Pre-Existing Injuries & Suspensions are in effect.

In the accident of an adventitious disconnection, The user at accountability can either pay a 10m restart fine, or forfeit. Users are accustomed 1 breach per game.

Intentional Disconnections will aftereffect in abuse from committee.

User Barter Rules: User to User trades are the sole chief bureau of the complex trading parties, no bulk how one sided the accord maybe. The STRL will not get complex unless the added owners cry bullshit.

Anti-CPU Fleece Barter Rules: Barter Block Trades abandoned & Accept to address a screenshot of the amateur on the block.

Very accepted and fun league, I'll vouch. Acceptable bulk accumulation of guys. Varying accomplishment levels in the alliance so anyone is welcome... Madden 17 Coins in fact searching for continued appellation guys to stick with the alliance as continued as they can.