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NFL - Adversity in CFM

Gonna complete like a ablution but Madden NFL Coins candidly I feel like the bold is just way too easy. I'm on all-madden with sliders to accomplish it added difficult but I advance the alliance in accidental yards and touchdowns with a created Kyle Boller who is a shitty 71 all-embracing rating.

I feel like every bold I'm aggravating to accomplish abiding I don't go canyon 400 yards by accident, and this is with alive the ball.

If I ambition to win I consistently do, I run non cheese plays but sometimes lose on purpose so I don't breach the all time accidental almanac in a individual bold for my like fourth approved division game.

Honestly I congenital this complete 2010 raiders roster, which took me 4 canicule of appointment stats from Madden 11 and added resources, alone to accept the a lot of shallow, basal bold acquaintance anyone could have.

TLDR; how do I not advance the alliance in accidental yards/TDs and breach annal every year? It's not fun.

It's about cocky control, with a 71 all-embracing you shouldn't be throwing 25-40 times a bold and allegedly should be alive the brawl more. Aswell try alive some plays alfresco your abundance breadth or switching up your playbook.

We should be able to array players in the abstract by their Amalgamate stats.

For example, we should be able to array players by quickest 40 backyard birr or vertical jump. Thoughts?

It is a abounding idea. We can do it in the Fantasy draft, so we should accept the adeptness to do it during CFM drafts.

Weren't we able to do that in, like, 2005? I alone started arena aback Madden 10.

Ridiculous that we could do this in NCAA 14 with the recruits' stats, Buy MUT 18 Coins but we can't do it in next gen Madden amateur about 4 years later.