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NFL - Admired Madden Memories

I apperceive we like to bits on Madden every year, (rightfully so) but we wouldn't play unless we had at atomic SOME fun with it. So, what are your admired Madden memories?

Favorite features, moments, franchises, maybe even just your admired Madden bold ever.

Every year myself and my brother usually play a able 15 career afterwards simming over about a 3 ages period of Buy MUT 17 Coins, we afresh yield over and backpack the affliction aggregation over the 15 year dynasty.

It was Madden 15 , we just retired and we were searching at affairs , one name and adventure bent our eye, J.C motherfucking Graham, allegedly he switched positions just afore the abstract CB>WR. He looked appealing acceptable on his amalgamate , the quickest in the draft.

Fast advanced to the big day , the draft. 6th annular and we've snagged the players we capital , but one name charcoal in our grasp, J.C Graham. His bequest could be anchored in history , We were never so abiding of annihilation in our lives.

We drafted him. His overall??? 45OVR. 45!

He was fucking shit, no admiration he switched positions because by the looks of it that dickbag never played american football before. FUCK YOU JC.GRAHAM if you're account this.

My admired memories awning extenuative up 2-3 years of NCAA rosters autograph down players I capital to abstract and importing them into my Madden franchise.

Those were the days. It was the applesauce Madden CPU abstract classes that fabricated me acquirement my aboriginal NCAA game. You accept not drafted until you able an NCAA exported abstract class.

My associate and I acclimated to play appealing abundant every night over the summer breaks. He'd get a quarter, I'd get a quarter. I anticipate it was Madden 07.

Back if FL Awning was God mode. Yeah, we were shithead kids who awry the hell out of anybody we played. But as boyish shitheads, we had a blast.

Payback is blame my ass with Madden 17 Coins now. I will not even play online modes anymore. CFM all day.