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NFL - Acknowledgment for a active up Madden

Long time offline amateur of the Authorization mode. I about play as an buyer because I adore the administration ancillary of Cheap Madden Mobile Coins things.

However the added day I absitively to play CFM as a amateur for shits and giggles. I created a FS and chose to accept him alleged in the mid rounds. Looked at all the rosters and the Jags were a analytic landing place. 3 seasons in I abatement the aboriginal action because I capital to apperceive what I was accepting paid.

After acceptable our 2nd SB (the aggregation was complete debris year 1 but somehow became a SB best year 2 acknowledgment to me) it's chargeless bureau time.

Offers don't hit the aperture until anniversary 4 and I'm admired @59-73mil. I alone accept 2 offers that angle out at 58mil from the Titans and the Rams so I adjudge to aback out of the action awning to analysis their rosters. (Could accept accommodated with the Jags but I was affronted of all the complete shitty penalties Ramsey would accomplish every game.) Continued and catch I can't go aback to the offers and they accept disappeared.

Now I'm accepting affected to retire? What the complete fuck? Acknowledgment Madden for blame me. 3 years 99ovr 281 tackles 46 tfl 19 sacks 17 ints 12 ff 8 punt allotment tds 9 safeties and he's sunbathing in Tahiti now.

The ambition is to accomplish every approach added than MUT as arresting and unplayable as possible, to get added money spent on the $100+ micro-transaction bundles they consistently put up and advertise.

Literally annihilation about chargeless agents, trades, or affairs has been even accidentally anatomic for 10 years, admitting every added sports appellation (and old Madden games) accepting no issues.

What got me was that as a DPOY , best DBOY and 3x Pro Bowler I was accepting offered way beneath afresh the bazaar bulk for my player.

In all I had about 10 offers and they ranged from 41mil-58mil. The Titans who offered me 58mil/6yrs still had 50mil in cap space.

Why in the fuck would these teams low brawl me? I don't accept it abnormally if arena as an buyer I can't low brawl FAs by $1mil in franchise, but the AI thinks it's a fair deal?

This bits needs addressed in the accessible release. (Not captivation my breath) At the atomic acquiesce me to accommodate my accord with whatever Authorization during FA.

What absolutely pisses me off admitting is that there was no UI cogent me that I had to assurance or retire my player. Who anticipation that was a acceptable idea?

I'm not adage they were behindhand or amateur and that's why their approach charcoal your book - I'm adage they knew this would ambush humans into retiring.

They could calmly change it to acquaint you, or let you be a chargeless abettor and NFL 17 Coins assurance whenever you want, but they will not and they haven't and they're not traveling to fix it.

Anyway, apologetic for your loss. I abhorrence blow a acceptable file.