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Best wr you've anytime apparent in the draft? Accept you anytime apparent a julio jones blazon prospect? not some gem, but like a affirmed top 5 lock. (I apperceive he went 6)

I dont accept a annual of it, but I accept had a 6'4" WR that was son of an Olympic sprinter or son of aloft player, dont bethink which one. basically affirmed top 5 aces and SS dev.

Had a 6'5 hiesman champ with 91 dispatch at 21 years old in my abstract endure year on my offline franchise. He's my WR1 his amateur year with Superstar dev came out of the abstract 78 ovr.

Just begin a SS WR that went undrafted which i didn't even apperceive could appear (only apparent 2 quick undrafteds).

Red area blackmail 6' 4'', 91 speed/accel. He was just accept the aboriginal few amateur but afterwards 4 amateur I got his absolution and acquaintance up and hes unstoppable.

Never had a amateur that dominant. Makes about every play feel like a cheese play. Which custom amphitheater is your favorite? Canopy, Futuristic, Hybrid, Sphere, or Traditional? My admired is the Awning or the Sphere.

Canopy for me. Am application it in my Portland River Hogs alteration franchise.

Ayyy Portland River Hogs represent. I accept the awning amphitheater too and I don’t affliction for some of the shadows. Which aggregation did you relocate?

The Chargers. I ample it was a astute move aback San Diego is/was a real-life alteration candidate.

Also, Portland was a analytic destination aback affective there wouldn't necessitate bounded realignment.

I apperceive that bounded alteration isn't in Madden, but I took it into application for realism's sake.

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