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Jul-20-2017 Categories: news

I anticipate the accepted cessation about actuality is that CFM is not traveling to be affected for a while (or at atomic any aloft updates).

But while we're all cat-and-mouse I ample I'd put in a appeal of something that hardly needs to be revamped.

Practice approach is a somewhat all-important basal to CFM. It helps addition your players all-embracing by accepting NFL 17 Coins XP.

My alone botheration is that, if you've played Madden for added than a year, these drills are abortive to you as a Madden user. I apperceive how to apprehend gaps and arresting coverages.

Not to say that a refresher actuality and there is a bad thing. And accepted it helps you acquire the limitations of your team, but abundantly it is something for beginners.

What I would like to see is a convenance approach that helps you become a bigger user.

By acquirements how to accomplish adjustments (like hot routes and adjusting coverages), compassionate and acquirements how to aces up assault patters and about just allowance you get bigger on the sticks, it gives you applied challenges for bold time situations.

Not to acknowledgment accepting able to focus on drills for a specific player.

Allowing the use of custom playbooks during convenance approach is aswell in actuality needed. Abounding times the plays it pre-selects for you in the assignment doesn't appear from your own playbook.

Or puts you in formations you may never use. It's in fact antic if you're on your 6th and final assignment it gives you avenue combinations and formations you've never seen.

Right now it is just such a annoyance every time I alpha a new franchise, "Great, let me get gold on this Awning 2 assignment so I never acquire to do it again".

I wish to be able to go aback to convenance approach anniversary anniversary and in actuality get better.

I'll aswell add that the actuality that they yet haven't congenital a convenance approach into MUT is just lazy.

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