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Sep-13-2017 Categories: news

Is there a ratings blueprint agnate to this one for Madden 18? I'd accept EA affected and pasted this for M18 as well.

I anticipate a few things acquire been tweaked because: -CPU no best recommends spending XP on "carrying" for WR, while it does acclaim spending XP on circuit move and juke move.

The %s for these ancestry might've been tweaked a bit. -CPU suggests spending XP on "impact blocking" for a bulk of positions if this acclimated to abandoned be accordant to TEs, O-line, and FB/HBs.

- While this was accordant in Madden 17, I anticipate abrasion appraisement has a greater appulse on a player's all-embracing rating.

- Lastly I bethink one of the guys at EA adage that acquaintance has a greater appulse for your Centers and can affect your absolute O-line's effectiveness.

I'll achieve abiding to column on this subreddit if I acquisition out annihilation new.

It's not in fact as appulse blocking - bizarrely - is now a arresting dating too for DL and LB. No abstraction what the new weightings are but would like to apperceive for my aloof tool!

And I will consistently ambition it had competition. Just a acumen to in fact try to improve.

Its still my claimed cocaine amid August and about February. And I'll buy it every year, but goddamn.

It's never traveling to change with the absolute authorization EA has.

NFL doesn't accord two shits about EA accepting antagonism as continued as the madden/MUT die hards by the new bold and accumulate auctioning money into the bold this will be continuing for a while...Unfortunately.

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