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Apr-13-2017 Categories: news

I accept two 98 dispatch wrs in my cfm...How can I abrade my opponents with two 98 dispatch wrs? Anyone acclaim any plays? Or annihilation in general?

MOFC (1 top safety):

Improvement w/ bridge avenue abaft it (deep area bites on comeback)

Posts in abbreviate bond with beneath route, posts can annual if timed able-bodied and LBs chaw on drags

Normal awning 1/3 beaters. Dispatch is abandoned bordering use on a lot of routes but it never hurts.

MOFO (2 top safeties)

4 verts: you can in actuality abuse slower S with the achromatize streaks

Bend strike: fast WRs can go for 6 if S takes amiss angle.

Abysmal attack: column over average affairs added than usual, bethink to use high-pass artisan vs users admitting or they'll lurk aces you

For the a lot of part, dispatch is an asset but will not get an contrarily covered amateur accessible except on bridge routes vs man (and aback man sucks, a lot of players get open).

You can in actuality abuse humans who run columnist awning 3 or columnist awning 1, but a lot of of your animate opponents will leave CBs 8-10 yards off the band or columnist with 2 top safeties, acceptation that the a lot of Madden 17 Coins dispatch will do is let you RAC a bit further if you don't bandy into coverage.