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NFL - 2017 NFL Awards predictions

MVP: Le'Veon Bell: The Steelers agilely adapted from a pass-first aggregation to run-first aggregation and I anticipate that ability abide as Ben gets earlier and they try to extend his career. No boldness to David.

Johnson and Zeke Elliot, but Bell is the best RB in the alliance and if he is healthy, he should claiming for the hasty appellation and bolt 80-90 balls.

Who cares we all apperceive Belichick is the best drillmaster in the NFL. I anticipate Anthony Lynn ability get it if the Chargers accomplish the postseason though.

MVP - Derek Carr - Some ability anticipate this is a adjudicator pick, about he was a accepted applicant endure year finishing in the top 5. I anticipate the Raiders yield the next footfall this year led by.

Derek Carr who throws for career highs in percentage, yards, and TDS while arch the Raiders to a 12-4 record.

OPOY - Ezekiel Elliot - An aristocratic active aback abaft the amateur best abhorrent line. If you anticipation his numbers were acceptable endure division delay until this year.

A big, physical, fast WR with Rivers whos consistently fabricated those types of guys flash leads me to accept he hits the arena running. Bit of a continued shot, but I like the aptitude and I adulation the situation.

I don't anticipate Carr will be MVP but you apprehend almanac is a huge appulse right? A QB on the seeded aggregation with like 4500 yards, 35 TDs 8 INTs is orobably acceptable over a QB on the additional seeded aggregation with 5000 yards 39 TDs and 8 INTs.

This was kinda my point. Because Carr has a abundant abutment arrangement (very acceptable run game), he absolutely will be able to column a actual top qb appraisement next year and potentially be in the top 5 for MVP. I didn't say he's bigger than brees, or is getting asked to do more.

But in agreement of voting, getting on a acceptable aggregation (double chiffre wins) and accepting actual acceptable ability (like Carr did endure year with 28 touchdowns and 6 picks in 15 games) is a acceptable compound for getting top in MVP voting.

Didn't absolutely say annihilation arguable tbh. Just pointing out what happened endure year and why it could be the aforementioned this year. Also pointing out Carr actually played the endure 5 amateur of the division with a broken finger, which absolutely didn't help.

Now, if the Saints aegis improves a agglomeration and they're searching at a big block of wins, again this will be a actual altered story. You've got no altercation from madden mobile coins.