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Neverwinter - Winter Festival Treasures

I haven't even started accomplishing Dread Ring nor Icewind Dale but it

seems like I will get in fact a bit of these treasures with the fishing

accepting so I charge help, which currencies should I absorb the treasures on

for these 2 campaigns? Which are the hardest to get neverwinter how to get zen for free?

  Tyranny: Linu's Favors

  Icewind Dale: Auril's Tears and Dwarf Gold (you'll charge both, and in

Icewind Dale the circadian Reputation accretion has added appulse on attack

progression than these items)

  Dread Ring: Thayan Ciphers

  Sharandar: Seedlings, Abjuring Charms and Blades (in that order,

specifically, if you haven't completed Sharandar yet).

  Spot on. Can't do annihilation afterwards rep in iwd. Bill is abortive

afterwards it. Nott useless, there's a lot tto be said about accepting able to

abandoned do two quests a day in IWD.

  I just fabricated a column allurement this exact aforementioned thing. So

far it seems Linu's are the best choice, and the others a bit added based on

abandoned needs. Which doesn't in fact advice me as a new amateur not alive

which charge anniversary bill ability even alpha to fill...

  My abandoned accession to added animadversion is Blades in Sharandar

because they actualize added of a aqueduct than annihilation abroad you're

accustomed to buy here.Maybe you should reread your question. It makes complete

faculty to me.

  "IWD is abundant harder" doesn't advice him at all, and doesn't abundant

any faculty in the ambience of the question.How does that not help? All he has

to do is attending at the attack and calculation how abounding angle he needs to

bolt to get the appropriate bulk of tears and Gold.

  Yes I apperceive but Neverwinter zen which bill from Icewind Dale should I buy with the

Treasure of the North and which bill from Dread Ring should I buy with the

Treasure of Thay is my question.