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Nov-30-2016 Categories: news

  MMOGO Neverwinter Zen Best - MMOGO Neverwinter is accepting into the spirit

of the Black Friday weekend. The bold will acquaint allegation rewards, which

will acquire players accolade credibility to be Neverwinter zen purchased in the rewards

boutique during this promotional period.

  The allegation rewards activate on Friday, November 25th at 7:30AM PT, and

will achieve on Tuesday, November 29th at the aforementioned time. Players are

encouraged to allegation Zen and alteration it to their corresponding servers in

adjustment to accept their accolade points.

  These accolade credibility will eventually expire, so be abiding to

accomplish the a lot of of the promotional aeon and redeem them whilst you can.

Players will alone accept one of anniversary account to be aggregate in their

accounts, with anniversary account getting Bound on Account, with an alone

barring for the White Owlbear.

  A $10 allegation will accolade ‘Neverwintan noble’ title, whilst $20

allegation rewards the Zhentarim Warlock. $50 earns the Gilded White Steed, $100

gets the White Owlbear, and assuredly a $200 allegation rewards the Ice Panther.

The Neverwintan Noble appellation shows all your accompany and guildmates you

are amidst the fanciest of those who abide about Neverwinter, even added so if

you are ascent the arresting Gilded White Steed everywhere you go.

  The Zhentarim Warlock grants accretion and ability to your character,

whilst the Ice Panther and White Owlbear both action their own altered


  The Panther makes a accomplished accession to all arise collectors, with

the artful coated in a arctic outfit, acceptable for travelling through the

brand of Icewind Dale. The White Owlbear (a amalgam amid an owl and a bear)

presents itself as a above predator of the Feywild,Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and is Bind on Equip.