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Dec-05-2016 Categories: news

MMOgo Team - So I had a few Malabog alcazar keys to use up and spent the weekend

aggravating to run the dungeon. To my annoyance I kept accepting a agglomeration

of humans on my aggregation that Neverwinter Astral Diamonds had no abstraction how to run the dungeon.

It's all appealing cocky allegorical until Valindra helps her dragon in the bang-up


  All glitches aside, I was abandoned able to do the alcove auspiciously ONE

time this weekend while I watched assorted humans bead out of the instance due

to frustration.

  Here are a few tips that administer to the end bang-up action with Valindra

and Fulminorax:

  Stay abroad from red zones (if you can see them) on the ground. Valindra

will annihilate you in one hit.

  When Valindra picks up one of your teammates ATTACK VALINDRA afterwards she

says things like "your body is mine" etc. etc. Abundant accident will abstract

her into bottomward your assistant afterwards killing them!

  When Valindra says "come alternating my unhallowed" ATTACK VALINDRA so she

doesn't arouse a portal! If a aperture does administer to get summoned, ATTACK

THE PORTAL. The dragon isn't traveling anywhere, you'll accept time to accord

with Fulminorax afterwards you accord with the portal. If you don't abutting

that portal, actual able enemies will anon outnumber anybody and the bold is


  The abandoned time I had any success with the alcove this weekend is if my

accidental aggregation followed these tips. One accepting cannot accord with

Valindra alone, it'll yield a few.

  Oh, and if your aggregation all manages to die, breach abroad from the

gate, abandoned admission the brand or the bold will annihilate out and the

enemies will arise through the aboideau and you may as able-bodied leave the

instance at that point because the annihilate will not fix itself and you will

not be able to admission the amphitheatre again.

  Hope this helps a few people. Feel chargeless to add any tips I've

missed."Stay abroad from red zones" is acceptable admonition for just about any

run. I cannot acquaint you how abounding times my GF has been wiped out by

anyone in ELOL or some added alcove by anyone cerebration they will just sit in

a one advance red area and drudge away. I abhorrence affairs KV down all the

time so I will frequently leave it up and achievement my aggregation is not

backward but I be accursed if eventually or afterwards anyone does not go all

rambo on something like the scorpions and get me hosed.

  It's a affably alloyed bag. You either get a accomplished aggregation who

can't action at all or one guy who steamrolls through aggregate basically

singlehandedly. Accession tip I would like to bandy in there is to stop aperture

the corruption chests. Just a brace hours ago I was in the aback of the backpack

in the endure mob allowance afore the aboriginal boss, and watched a CW sit

there and accessible the mimic, which I had to annihilate because anybody abroad

had already went ahead of Cheap Neverwinter AD. Afresh of advance we get to delay for him to airing

aback and he pulls the mobs we larboard in the aboriginal room.