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Dec-27-2016 Categories: news

+25,000% crit severity?I just activate a 2K bluff crimson in tiamat do 500+

actor damage, arrested his stats and it said he had 25,000% crit severity, does

anyone apperceive of a bug that Neverwinter Astral Diamonds could cause this or would this

be hacked? I'm on xbox btw.

  I approved to yield a recording of it but for some acumen it didn't in

actuality record. Now you'll apparently see bags of TRs aggravating to do this


  I can anamnesis a bug on PC in mod 4/5 had to do with asperous dancing

brand and abounding TR's was able to one attempt dragons on adviser runs and in

tiamat. But it was anchored on PC so harder to say.

  You abiding it wasn't the affliction blaze glitch?The bug with the Asperous

Dancing Brand was not specific to TRs but a botheration with the companion's

debuff looping with itself. PF had a specific (multiplying?) alternation with

Shadow of Demise.

  Group comp? Was it accessible or clandestine que? I acquire no abstraction

how that's accessible but I'm analytical as to the variables.

  I asked and he said he wasn't put into a accumulation if he entered the

instance.Xbox one is to this date unhacked, a lot of acceptable a annihilate or

a exploit.

  Anyone acquisition it amusing that the blare blower's name is "Rat"? C'mon

that's hysterical!I do my best!

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