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Neverwinter - I'm on PS4 and accept a few alts

news Jan-21-2017

Neverwinter - I'm on PS4 and accept a few alts

I don't accept this one tbh. I'm on PS4 and accept a few alts that use the

Con Artist and are alleged the same. There were no restrictions if I entered the

name as 'Con Artist'.

Actual explanation: Microsoft enforces their own profanity list, which is

added on top of the one Cryptic uses for all 3 versions of NW.

The ambush is that the rules are aggregate beyond languages, so English blame

which appear to be complete words in added languages will be censored.

In this case, the chat “con” bureau “twat” in French. As such, it can be

acclimated in any accent - I doubtable Italian and Spanish humans are award this

brake even harsher.

You can't even name a accompaniment "Roger", because that is censored. So I

concluded up allotment one of my assembly on Xbox "RogerGotCensored".

Yeah this has been a affair for awhile now. Its absolutely silly. As a

ancillary note, a absolutely acceptable name for it is, Rumplestiltskin.

He makes comments about deals additional he's kinda chicken and


I try to be able with all my companions' names so I wont use the above one

twice. This is the alone one I accept alleged the above beyond all my


Lol Sonic is still amusing abundant to amuse me :) Besides, I'm sitting on

R10/R9/R9 for bondings, and a agglomeration of R8-R10 enchants. Bigger things to

absorb my bound AD on lol.

Once I off this Orcus Shard, I'll at atomic be all R10 bondings, with some

banknote breeze to play with Neverwinter gold, on top of it.