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Neverwinter - Do you accept any recommendations

news Jan-20-2017

Neverwinter - Do you accept any recommendations

MMOGO So actuality it is again, x2 exp. continued adventure abbreviate is that I

accept a 2600 gwf and am agriculture my accessory boring but surely, about it's

harder to get into annihilation because there are so abounding dps characters

out there and the requirements are appealing top for assertive runs. I wish to

accomplish a abutment appearance and one that will consistently be needed. Gf,

op, or Dc. Accord me pros and cons please.

I'm addicted of GF and DC (I capital a DC and accept an Alt GF) I acclimated

to play a advocate catchbasin but it's retired. All are acceptable choices put

accumulate in apperception it's been 2+ years in some cases aback I've collapsed

these classes.

DC- Low DPS/Annoying to do abandoned content/ Actual adjustable fun class.

Dynamic Healing and buffing/Debuffing - By far my admired class. GF- Can be

abundant at soloing stuff/can accept alarming DPS/Super buffs/ Abundant

Tank/More accessory abased in some cases vs OP/DC OP- Can be Alarming Healer or

Abundant Tank.

More of a acquiescent healer/Active Tank- If I played my OP I begin it to be

beneath accessory abased to be able to yield a hit. The chic has been reworked

several times aback I played it so I adeptness be amiss in that breadth


Do you accept any recommendations on accessory and body for the dc? I'm not

award abundant online. Also, do you feel like you accept any issues award groups

or accepting admired to the team?

Lets see- DC stuff. I acclaim starting out traveling through the angelic

tree, at atomic while you're leveling. Your claimed dps is depressingly low if

you don't.

If you seek Jarek's DC body on the arc forums he has a appealing acceptable

in abyss guide. Also- Youtuber Kali Gold has a altered body for DC and I've

acclimated something agnate before.

I accept aught issues award groups as a DC. Appropriate now I'm a 3.8k IL

Abutment adeptness buffer/Debuffer DC which is kinda the accepted PVE 'meta

game' appropriate now of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds.