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Dec-07-2016 Categories: news

Hello! I'm JeoshinEpok (Epok for short) from the Court of Shadows, a

Neverwinter Brotherhood for PS4. We are gluttonous new members!

  About The Brotherhood (players): We acquire been a brotherhood aback

Neverwinter was arise for PS4. We are mostly earlier players (20+) from Arctic

America that adore arena together. As such Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, a lot of us acquire jobs and play if

we get aback from work. I alone either accompany or actualize a PSN babble for

guildies about as anon as I get home from plan every day. There can be some

barnyard jokes in babble but if anyone anytime feels afflictive with

annihilation we stop. Verbal corruption of any affectionate is not acceptable

(PSN or in-game). A lot of us play added amateur too, so superior of association

is our #1 priority.

  About The Brotherhood (goals): We haven't been that advancing in accretion

our guild, but we are still brotherhood akin 5, alive on our aboriginal

benefaction anatomy appropriate now (Stable for Defense). Currently we are the

arch of our own Alliance of guilds but it's mostly accompany we acquire

fabricated forth the way that debris to leave their own guilds (lol). Our

brotherhood has accomplished the point breadth in adjustment to advance we

charge added alive players (so actuality I am on Reddit!). We charge added

humans to advice accord to the coffers, and we wish to access the bulk of humans

online in accustomed so if anyone wants to runs something afresh we can.

Currently we acquire a few ~3000 accessory account players that charge humans to

run with but our boilerplate accessory account is about 2500 I'd say.

  About You:

  LVL 70, with 2000+ Accessory Score

  Mic so you can accompany PSN babble (this is actual important because we're

a association first)

  Class doesn't matter

  No case addition requirements, but you should wish to advice us get bigger

boons and bazaar because it helps you out too =)

  No minimum bulk of hours appropriate per week, but if you aren't arena the

bold afresh why accompany a guild?

  Don't be a dick - Cheap Neverwinter PS4 Astral Diamonds!

  If anyone has any questions or wants to accompany afresh advanced a

bulletin in-game. Or appointment my site: www.mmogo.com