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Neverwinter - Bindle Fix at 12am PT

Update 12/21/16 3:22pm PT - The fix for the starlight bindle will be formed

out tonight at ~12am PT. Starting tomorrow, already the fix has accomplished

propagating, we will acclaim all impacted players the amount of accoutrements

they acquired above-mentioned to Buy Neverwinter zen the fix implementation.

  Thread adapted again, traveling to adhesive the amend here:

  Update 12/21/16 5pm PT

  Due to the PC aliment accident tomorrow, the fix will cycle out to PC

appropriate afterwards the 7-9am maintenance. Console is still set for midnight.

During the fix cycle out, all players will be kicked out momentarily. In-game

messaging will acquaint players of the shutdown.

  As ahead stated, as anon as the fix is implemented, we will activate

crediting players for any opened starlight parcels.

  So if I opened 400+, I'm traveling to get 400+ back? Interesting... Here's

my catechism though... Are they gonna displace the "amount you accept opened

already" ?? Or will my 400 about-face into 800? Just curious.. Seeing about alts

n the such.

  I admiration what "obtained" means. Is it the amount of accoutrements

opened or accoutrements you've bought (including unopened in the inventory).

Haven't opened abundance afterwards the aboriginal rumors of issues went about

and I admiration if I should accessible them afore the fix or not.

  I'll just say acknowledge you. Acknowledge you for in actuality adressing

an affair eventually than later. One may accept the agreement will be in the

mail such as if we accustomed coalecent wards or conceivably rewards affirmation


  Pure belief I'll add just cerebration aloud. I wish to acknowledge Julie

too for befitting us adapted on Neverwinter zen the fix and befitting the affair transparent.

Blessed Holidays Adventurers.