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Neverwinter - ban my Annual and 5 canicule no response

news Jan-16-2017

Neverwinter - ban my Annual and 5 canicule no response

5 canicule ago I was logged off and couldn't get aback on. It reads as " your

annual has been banned". Doesn't say annual briefly banned or just suspended...

just banned. I beatific in admission but no response. Live babble has told me it

was beatific up to college abutment aggregation for analysis but will not

acquaint me anything.

I approved calling their appointment but it just rings off the hook. I'm the

alone rank 7 in the captain brotherhood of a abounding alliance... this isn't

just ability me. A day above-mentioned to the ban I purchased a tensirs deejay

for 14.5 mil. A 3 actor undercut. I transferred all the ad for the acquirement

from zen and even had to buy some zen from the psn abundance .

Could all this arrival of ad at one time been a red flag? Could the deejay

been from a bad seller? I just don't accept how afterwards 5 canicule of getting

kicked off bold I accept no abstraction what they anticipate I did and for how

continued the abeyance is for.

No email . No admission response. No nothing. I can't even avert myself or

accumulate affirmation to try and prove i didn't do annihilation wrong. I accept

no above-mentioned history in the bold for atrocity .... any advice is accepted

guys. Just aggravating to get aback in game.

Customer Service Rep allege that translates to English as... "I don't feel

like ambidextrous with you appropriate now so I'm traveling to lie to you to

accomplish you go away".

If they ambition you banned, you will remained banned... they will not accord

u any affidavit of that either... so i accomplishment you can get your annual

back, because you are in a shitty bearings honestly.

Also about your guild/alliance, anyone a rank6 in ur brotherhood can

affirmation it afterwards a aeon of you not loggin on Neverwinter Astral Diamonds.

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