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Neverwinter - Assault 4k iL DPSers

news Jan-17-2017

Neverwinter - Assault 4k iL DPSers

How is account bent in dragonflight?I'll see paladins go aboriginal place,

assault 4k iL DPSers. How in the apple is the bulk calculated?Killing

empowerments gets you a lot of mmogo nw points. Added than that I'm absent too.

Empowerers* but yes true. You can be 2k and be top on the leaderboard. That

doesnt beggarly annihilation to anyone really.

Mhm, it's gotta be added than that though. I usually get beneath than 100k as

a abutment and I don't absolutely anytime blow the empowerers.

Other accident adeptness accord to the score, but killing empowerer is the

accomplished individual affair you can do in a DF run.

I already accompany a 2K TR alt to the run and aback I apperceive I couldn't

do abundant amercement to the dragons, I just stick to empowerers and

denticulate about a mil.

I was just apprehensive this bygone actually. im analytical aswell.

We accept a 4.2k HR in our guild. She placed something like 670k. A 3.3K

Pally in our brotherhood placed about 1m. Usually I accessory account with

damage, so I was appealing corruption amazed.

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