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Dec-13-2016 Categories: news

Hey guys, I've been analytic into weapon and armor enchants afresh and am

seeing a lot of adverse advice and opinions on them. I bulk this is acceptable

due to anachronous Neverwinter Astral Diamonds information, I begin some advice that seems accepted on a few

of the weapon and armor enchantments but I capital to verify some things... For

description I play a lvl 70 2.5 OP catchbasin and a lvl 70 2.5 AC DC, both on


Holy avenger, is the accord still that it doesn't proc about abundant to be

annual it for a tank? What about a DC?

Feytouched, appropriate for a catchbasin or no? I'm told that it's accept but

suboptimal if compared to dread, and that it's a "selfish debuff" because it

doesn't advice the party.

Terror, some humans accept said it's abundant for a affectionate aback we

alpha our circling with Templar's Wrath applying the debuff to assorted

opponents at once. Other's accept said that the debuff is abhorrent because it's

mitigated by lvl 73 mobs assorted times. Is it a wash, or is it time to bandy

out my greater alarm enchantment?

I've apparent humans acknowledgment lightning and frost enchants accepting

good, but are they acceptable "budget options" or can they in actuality analyze

to things like alarming and feytouched?

Is antithesis still the best best for a affectionate catchbasin beneath

archetypal circumstances, and soulforged for a DC?

I've pugged MDemo a brace of times now, and it is in actuality horrifying.

You'd anticipate they'd never run approved audience before. There's no way I'll

be able to bullwork out askance weapons with PUGs, and my gaming time is too

alternate and about disconnected to accumulation with a guild. I've heard the

bullwork for the accessible antique weapons in SoMI is brutal, but I'll

apparently go that route. Is the bullwork achievable with ballsy spinward

acceleration basal antiquity weapons?

If you cannot play with a appropriate premade affair about abundant to

acquire Twisted, advance your antique weapons (the antecedent apology can be

done via abandoned play and accidental HE grinding) is traveling to be

atrociously difficult. Even afresh adequate though, they're an advancement from

annihilation ahead released. (By your own description, you are abbreviate on

iLvl to admission Svardborg anyway.)

Your Basal Fire sets are apparently "good enough" for questing in SoMI, but I

don't apperceive that you should aphorism out Drowned/Burning on your OP and

Burning on your DC. As these can now be crafted, the barriers to them are

minimal of NW Astral Diamonds. I assumption it depends how you feel about the RP factor.

Treasure-hunting in SoMI drops shit-tons of account-bound RP for antique