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NBA Live - Your go to guy at anniversary band up

I'm in actuality affronted of the shitty 99 cards, jamal is debris but i admission 96 back-scratch to use at this band up, NBA Live Mobile Coins for big man the 99 cautiously is trash.

I use 86 seth back-scratch and he is added constant than cautiously arresting band up, murry is my go to guy could could could cause 97 baron is cutting complete bricks, its in actuality accessible for me its not about overalls or hidden stats that 86 seth back-scratch out played all added 99 cards.

So what is your go to guy at anniversary band up, i don't affliction about the overall, i dont even affliction about stats, i just wanna know, a agenda that you acclimated and he was acutely good.

Two way- 97 Lillard. 99 KD is nice but Lillard makes threes like a madman. All I do is cull up and shoot and he splashes them.

Small ball- 98 Westbrook. Contempo acquisition. Excellent card, solid three point rating. But beast!

Defensive lineup- 96 Jamal Murray. For whatever reason, my arresting calendar is low key trash. But Murray makes shots even if others in my calendar bricks.

BM lineup- 97 fable west. 97 jerry west is a beast. He has a 88 three but I affirm he makes like 5 threes per abode for me. His attack is wet, he is a psssing genius.

Overall barbarian cutting lineup- 97 Chauncey. Still to this date, I adulation this Coinsups card. Lebron is acceptable but Coinsups shoot threes way better.

Plus he has a clamp adeptness just like Lebron. In actuality one of my fav cards in the game.

Or to yield the acute shot

2W - Specialist Thomas

SB - Leg. Nowtizki

DEF - TDK Westbrook

BM Leg. Pierce

SHT - Summer Iverson

S - Summer Iverson

Both Finley and Crawford are relegated to my summer agency only, but Baron is accepting acceptable abundant aback the alpha so I awash Rice.

My 2way agency at some point of 92s Deron-Beal-George was apparently the admixture of lower overalls that NBA Live 18 Coins did bigger calm and I'd assurance them all.