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Mar-29-2017 Categories: news

I accept him and his aegis down low has been superb.

I don't absorb a lot of time searching at agenda stats but I accept noticed that the advancement trend of new and bigger aristocratic cards will see Master Whiteside's aegis appraisement eclipsed.

79 aegis is low compared to just about any acceptable centermost appear this year. So maybe that's what you're noticing.

I'm adequate accepting him in my lineup. If I could analyze one affair I don't like it's that he hangs aback in alteration to offense, even afterwards I score, which is awe-inspiring to me because 81 acceleration is in actuality in actuality top for a center.

Not just his stats, gameplay astute - he's in actuality in actuality acceptable at accepting rebounds and that depends on which aggregation I'm playing. added than that he's just not that abundant IMO.

Yeah man i both adulation and abhorrence that there are a lot of alternatives to the Masters now. i've alone congenital two, myself (Russ and Whiteside), and at atomic I'm not gonna be ashore with CP if I don't wanna be NBA Live Coins.

Whiteside was my additional Master I ahead and I was so absorbed to get him and afterwards like 2-3 months arena with him I'm just not activity it.