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NBA Live - Why is it still 89 ovr

Why is it still 89 ovr? Like wtf EA! The weirdest affair is that adding my arresting aggregation gets you 89.4 but somehow is 90 ovr.

Does anyone accept any eplanation for this?

If you accept TDK Westbrook or addition amateur with boosts, that affects amateur overall.

Anybody with boosts adds to the lineup's OVR added than the player's absolute OVR.

If you add their overalls and bisect by 5 you get 89.8. They don't annular up for some reason.

Could be because of accurate overall.

And Has anybody baffled the "extreme" 3pt challenge?

I exhausted the endure one 4 times but I accept yet to accomplishment this one once.

My 3pt best Steph Curry agenda is missing +10%s on every arbor and if I do succeed, it crashes by the final rack.

Everybody's announcement about glitches and such so I was apprehensive if anyone has in actuality completed it or if it is just absolutely cheesed.

Pretty sad to accept 94 rated shooters absence +6% and +10% shots.

Also I don't accept the nominees for a lot of bigger players would accomplish 28 points. MVP nominees maybe.

Just got 30 on the absolute next attack and it comatose anon after Cheapest nba live mobile coins, which appears to be the aforementioned affair that anybody abroad is experiencing.