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NBA Live - Why dont you guys allocution about sniping

Why dont you guys allocution about sniping ? It's a absolute capital allotment of NBA LIVE , we should in fact actualize added accoutrement discussing altered sniping filters and NBA Live Coins administration our snipes.

Not abounding humans on this subreddit. On nbalive.gg there are abounding accoutrement about sniping.

I'd to get some pointers from the expert, but unfortunately, some association are not accommodating to allotment them because it's a claimed "business" tactic.

On a accompanying note, if you guys are aggravating to get annular 2 elites, try analytic "tr", elite, playoffs. It gives 3 or 4 aristocratic players that are all from the additional annular (and bargain too).

I didn't beggarly specific and authentic sniping filters , I meant discussing Sniping in general.

Because we don't ambition to allotment our secrets.

Why? Because they are secret. But if you ambition to allotment your sniping filters afresh do it.

And Two Way 99 Back-scratch is tomorrow's Finals POTG. Lmao EA needs to arctic with the 2-way Curry's. Already 3 over 94 all-embracing on the aforementioned position.

Don't even decay your money/ time on this adventurous anymore, EA gonna chaw us anon with a reset.

I abhorrence the way you charge to pay $100 to get the backpack with him.

That was the Shaq yesterday. The Back-scratch is 50 finals golds and 50 finals elites, just like the Durant.