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NBA Live - Which one to upgrade

I've noticed that you didn't get the motm kat from the barter set...Yep rip me 2 comminute down the cesspool xD got like 3 leonards, 3 westbrooks, 4 hardens.

Get Playoffs JR Smith (defensive SG), CH Eric Gordon (Small Brawl SG), Any appropriate Two-way PG (there are many, my claimed favourite is 92 TOTW Lillard), CNY Wiggins (Two-Way SF), and acceptable Big Man PG (I accept abject Harden, who's decidedly good).

Ya ofc, but there are some like crabbe and aggravate who are demigods so ill leave them on unless theres a lot bigger player. Also, Id rather not get characterless elites in abode of them. Go big or go home right?

Trust me no gold is account befitting over an elite. Some golds can in actuality be bigger than some elites.

Seriously! there is no analytic priced (under 100k) arresting C that can alter KAT. espicially in 3pt%.

I accept been tempted with that. i am application my arresting aggregation with the new +3 Westbrook, and accomplishing all my 3pt achievements, so just cutting threes. may accept to aces Lebron up though.

I would rather buy a Centermost who has acceptable aegis stats than a Centermost who can shoot 3 pointers.

Why would I charge a Centermost who can shoot 3 pointers if I already accept a acceptable cutting guard. And my Centermost is never alfresco the area if I accept the ball.

Boards and column play are key to a centermost imo of NBA Live Mobile Coins. Gotta accomplish abiding they get the rebounds of the 3s i shoot with my guards.