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NBA Live - Which NBA Live aggregation will win

Based on stats and records, who are your choices for today's pick'em?

1,CHI vs BOS-

A. At atomic 19.5 3-pointers?

B. Beneath than 19. 5 3-pointers?

2,TOR vs MIL

A. TOR wins

B. MIL wins

3,LAC vs UTA

A. DeAndre Jordan added blocks

B. Derrick Favors added blocks

Is it me or they werent in order? the tor-mil was second, and the bold was first, and now i absent it. the bold should put the amateur in adjustment i think...

- Over/Under on 19.5 absolute fabricated threes in Bulls/Celtics game

During the approved season, the Coinss averaged 7.6 fabricated threes a game; the Celtics, 12 fabricated threes a bold (about 20 total). In Bold 1, the Bulls fabricated 8 threes, while the Celtics fabricated 14 (22 absolute threes).

This is a complete toss-up, but I'll aces the under, as I feel Bold 2 will be a arresting struggle.

- Raptors or Bucks win

During the approved season, the Bucks were 1-3 adjoin the Raptors, yet managed to win Bold 1 decisively. The action stats appearance that the Raptors will acknowledge with a 7-8 point win, and I feel the aforementioned way. Gimme the Raptors to adverse their Bold 1 accident with a bounce-back win tonight at home.

- Added blocks: DeAndre Jordan or Derrick Favors?

The aces was originally Gobert vs. Jordan, which would've been 2.64 approved analysis blocks/game for Gobert vs. 1.65 blocks/game for Jordan. However, tonight pits the Jazz Power Advanced Favors (and his 0.8 blocks/game) adjoin Jordan.

In Game 1, Favors had 1 block, while Jordan had 3. The trend shows that DeAndre Jordan will acquire added blocks, so he's my pick.

I went with over for the the Bulls Celtics game, Toronto win and Jordan Blocks. Wishing you all luck with the predictions.

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