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NBA Live - What to do with Finals players

I am adequately new to this bold and acquire 81 OVR. My catechism is:

Should i advertise all finals players now for max money, or advertise all finals players afterwards for max money, or just accumulate them appear aristocratic sets?

I've been affairs some for 10,500k NBA Live Coins or 11 k now.

I would advertise them appropriate now for money.

They are boring bottomward in amount so its best to advertise them now and buy non-playoff elites if advance your team.

They were affairs for about 18k apiece if the promo started, now buy now at 15k sometimes will not get bought.

And anyone can accord me Tips on non-fastbreak alley-oops? I'm 20 alleyoops abroad from attack and I'm award it harder to get non fast breach alleyway oops.

What tricks work(ed) for you?

Also I'm active 92 become and 93 Davis. Anyone you'd acclaim that would accomplish it essentially easier?

I approved the big man column up again lob out of the bifold teamwhich formed appealing well. I aswell did a bouncer circuit and drive, draw the big to help, and lob.

I did those as well, aswell sometimes breach top of the key and delay til a big man drives the lane.