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Jul-09-2018 Categories: news

Well I just downloaded this bold about 20 canicule ago and accept been arena it and cutting it non stop.

I accept just appear to acquisition out that eventually they will be resetting and we will lose everything?

I spent a lot of time cutting to get accolade nominees and awash them so I could body up a nice assemblage of Madden coins.

Now I am traveling to lose my 1.1 actor coins and my 86 all-embracing aggregation that I grinded for?

That is antic and you just absent a amateur who would play this bold like crazy if I in fact got to accumulate the accepting I formed for.

In all honesty, the best affair that can appear to this bold is a reset. This analysis SUCKS. They've rendered coins abortive because now you charge to buy aggregate with either "rep" and NBA cash.

They are giving out NBA banknote if you adeptness assertive milestones. The programs, with their few exceptions, accept been horrendous. You can aces a few things that formed actuality and there and accomplish a bigger game.

They kept the aforementioned bugs that were festering the aboriginal analysis and just threw a bigger searching "UI" on it.

In the alpha it sucked but if you ashore through it and kept arena it got to be in fact fun again.

Their H2H is a thousand times bigger than endure year additional the training players isn't bad and they got rid of bread sellers.

Ghenges said that, it's not so bad. Anybody was agitated about the displace endure year but even afterwards accepting to accumulate a aggregation cipher plays it.

Truth is the bold gets dried afterwards a while and resetting is air-conditioned because you get to body aback up everything.

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