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NBA Live - What is amiss with Pro Packs

I've been affairs lots of pro packs lately, about 50 per anniversary (yes, I accept money to waste) and I've apparent a HUGE aberration before/after the Playoff Promo started.

Before I acclimated to cull altered collectibles, aristocratic players, non-basic gold/silver and so on every 1 out of 3/4 pack.

It's been a anniversary I ONLY PULL consistently 1 BASE GOLD, 1 BASE SILVER (if lucky), 2 (or3) Brownish players no amount how may I buy, in a row, or not.

Anyone abroad noticed that? I don't apperceive why EA afflicted that could cause aperture packs has been the alone hasty aspect in the bold that kept me going.

I see beneath and beneath fun affairs elites(most became cheap, actually absorbing ones are too expensive)...

I'ven pulled 5 elites, 1 argent TB, 3 playoff players, and something abroad account money (forgot what; maybe a 10k fable collectible or something) in about 25 packs this week.

What is the point of affairs propacks now? Base elites dont bulk anythin any more. Golds are useless. There are no added amateur of the anniversary collectibles. What do You apprehend to cull from these packs? Even if You are advantageous to cull 88 to 92 bequest they are cool bargain now anyway.

You're actually appropriate : pro packs are not a aces investment. Elites bulk nothing. As for gold, silver, brownish I accomplish them WORTH SOMETHING(visit my AH thread)

I like to buy packs though, I don't apperceive what to apprehend from them but in the pas I got nice collectibles(one solde for 500k+)...Sorry to assert but SOMETHING absolutely afflicted aback this promo started NBA Live Mobile Coins. The "lottery" is not giving aback what it acclimated to.

Here are my 20 packs aperture today (in red what's not common)