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Jul-13-2018 Categories: news

What Improvements Would You Like To See In NBA Live 19? Here's my wishlist:

All of these are LUT(LUT 19 Coins):

1, Apprentice that the division doesn't accomplishment until the timer hits 0. I abhorrence if I get a attempt off with beneath than a additional left, it goes in and it doesn't count.

2, Fix the AI so my centermost doesn't let the opposing bouncer flit down the lane and annual at will.

3, In the marketplace, accomplish the notations for "duplicates" and "needs contracts" altered colours,if it's both, let that be accession colour too. Abhorrence browsing through the market, blank all the red banners and afresh realising I absent a amateur because he was missing affairs and not because I had him already. There should be a analyze wherein I can exclude duplicates from my seek anyway.

4, Accomplish my 99 Shaq in actuality douse a brawl instead of missing every attempt aural 2 anxiety of the bassinet flat-footed. He has a bright path... DUNK!

5, Fix the accidental AI. I columnist in the administration of the larboard accession and pass, and the brawl goes to the adverse ancillary and turns over.

6, Acquiesce me to set my PG adapted afterwards an opponent's fabricated bassinet so I can claiming adapted from the inbound. Adapted now, abandoned the amateur abutting to the brawl can be selected.

7, 1 on the wishlist would be for the LUT teams to be created for altered tasks and adored (like 2K does) so if I'm accomplishing a playoff claiming (3 minutes) and don't allegation a bank I can play a aggregation with bronzes/silvers as the non-starters. Afresh if I'm accomplishing a annual claiming and allegation a bench, I don't ambition to acquire to bandy out 7 altered players.

8, Acquaint Jeff Van Gundy that he meant to say "it's no admiration they are behind" rather than "it's no acumen they're behind". This irks me.

9, My amateur shouldn't be adverse the added way if absorption bisected cloister and beyond.

10, There should be the adeptness to accrue stats for your LUT. I wanna apperceive that I played 90 Anthony Davis four amateur and 97 Kevin Adulation 18 amateur etc.

11, Acquiesce us to appearance the box annual afterwards the game. From the time the final buzzer sounds, you acquire absent admission to that.

12, We should acquire the adeptness from the alpha of the bold (or via menu) to set the bold plan to blast the boards afterwards abandoned accepting able to admission this functionality from the mini card during timeouts. I beggarly accurately the all-encompassing gameplan and not the plan adjoin anniversary of the opposing players.

That's it off the top of my head.