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Jan-11-2018 Categories: news

I've been arena LUT aback it was released. This weekend, I haven't been able to account any of my cards for sale. I accept 8 cards sitting in my acquaint accumulation that NBA Live Mobile Coins were unsold, and if I column try to column them it says server error. It's been going on aback Thursday night.

I approved to advanced my cards aback to my account and repost them that way. The 93 KG I put up for bargain has now disappeared. It's awe-inspiring because it says "1 item" afore I bang on acquaint pile, but if I attending in there, no cards are in any of the tabs. Has anyone abroad accomplished this and if so, how did you fix it?

The bazaar has been torn for me for added than a month. I've fabricated appointment posts, contacted EA support, nothing. So I've abstruse how to use the new, torn market. I'll admonish you how, because affairs are you're now ashore in this ambit of the torn bazaar with me.

You can bargain asleep cards, but they will still sit in your "sell" pile. If you try to bargain them afresh afore the accepted bargain ends, you'll get the server absurdity message.

This agency that those cards you're accepting problems with, are accepting auctioned appropriate now. Try to account if the bargain ends to apperceive if to bargain them again, or attending at your "selling afterwards bids" pile. Affairs are, that some of those cards will arise there, several hours afterwards you bargain them.

Other laws of your new torn reality, cover crazy loading times, cards like your KG actualization in "selling" hours afterwards you bargain them or not actualization at all (but humans can still buy them), cards actualization as awash hours afterwards they're sold, cards actualization in the "won" tab hours afterwards you win them (always bethink to affirmation the cards you buyout), the "x items" counters on the bags accepting wrong, and for this acumen accepting able to bid on added than 30 cards simultaneously, as continued as you appointment your "winning" accumulation afterwards you ability the limit.

Unless you're luckier than me and administer to escape, the abandoned affair you can do is address the affair anywhere you can. Abutment accepting their accepted clueless selves, afterwards they affirm to the Olympians that they will leave no bedrock unturned to fix your problems , they'll admonish you to harder reset, reinstall the game, restore your licences, annul your saves (haha), analysis your affiliation (hahahaha), bewitch your console, say 50 barrage Marys and not eat meat for 40 canicule (fish is fine though).

So save yourself from crumbling your time and themselves from archetype pasting from the Tech Abutment 101 textbook, adhesive them the abounding accoutrement of humans advertisement this affair for months, and ask them to acquaint the devs on MMOGO Co.ltd.. They'll say abiding to get rid of you, but it's no abuse trying. Afresh you'll get a check allurement you to bulk support, you'll say they blot and they'll use your acknowledgment to advance their abutment (hahahaha).