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Jun-11-2018 Categories: news

We're extensive the point of Live 19 absolution in a few months and I anticipate these things could use some affectionate of tweaking or revamping in the next game.

Steals - This one is complete subjective, but I feel like the accepted abduct arrangement doesn't plan how steals in actuality plan in complete life. I noticed afresh that humans abandoned get steals on me by active at me and spamming square/x. This aswell happens lot to me if I accept a pass. The aboriginal affair the apostle will do is alpha spamming abduct and you will get afflicted into that accident the brawl animation. I aswell noticed that you can't get steals able-bodied by acceleration anyone in the post or coinsowing off your man to bash at a ballhandler that isn't paying attention. I anticipate if the abduct arrangement becomes added accomplishment based and beneath spammy it will accomplish humans accept to accept their abduct attempts wisely.

Layups/Dunks - The accepted Layup/Dunking arrangement consists of active beeline at the rim and captivation square/x. I can't name how abounding times I've apparent anyone run at a army of 2 or 3 defenders and accomplish an NBA Jam appearance affiche douse or a heavily contested layup because their amateur gets sucked into an animation. There are aswell times if your amateur misses layups that an NBA amateur would never absence in because they are sucked into the contested absent layup animation. In my opinion, a layup exhausted agnate to the cutting arrangement would advice greatly. If you go up for a heavily contested layup, your affairs of accepting a blooming absolution will be complete low, but If you go for an simple layup you can calmly accomplish it instead of accepting accidental algorithm based outcomes on your layups/dunks. This will aswell get rid of all of the auto affiche dunks that appear in this game. (I feel like I've gotten posterized added than I anytime accept in this bold lol)

Shooting Arrangement - I feel that the all-embracing cutting arrangement in this bold feels complete apathetic & inconsistent. In my opinion, I feel like I can never adept my jumpshot because every attack feels like it has a altered timing than the last. Another botheration I feel is that the jumpshots can be complete apathetic at times. There are times if the apostle can fly at me from abreast the acrylic and challenge me because the cutting is so apathetic at times. I anticipate that this can be anchored if they make the cutting plan added NBA Live 15-ish. The jumpshots in that bold were complete aqueous and they were abundant faster like complete activity jumpshots which prevented alot of backward contests.

Guarded/Contested Shots Arrangement - I don't apperceive if its this amateur agreement or the contested arrangement itself, but I noticed that a ample bulk of shots don't go in because they are contested. I noticed afterwards arena Live 15 afresh that you can make any attack as connected as there was abundant amplitude to yield it. In Live 18, the contested arrangement requires you to be in actuality attainable to accomplish shots. I aswell noticed that this arrangement makes the mid-ranged bold complete anemic and about non-existent. I think this arrangement needs some affectionate of abuse or change done to it, because a ample bulk of shots in complete activity are contested to some degree.

Loose Balls - The afar brawl arrangement is not acceptable at all in my opinion. You can accept altogether timed steals and afar brawl opportunities and it feels like rolling dice to see who gets the ball. I anticipate this arrangement needs to be revamped to work added precisely.

What do you guys think?

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