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Hi. I just bought this bold during PSN bargain and it seems amazing. However, I never played a basketball game. How could I apprentice it? There is some movements pratice in game. Is this enough? Or should I attending for some YT videos or added tutorials?


Screens are acutely important. Authority L1 (hold it the accomplished time while your aggregation acquaintance comes up to you) and a aggregation acquaintance (usually a big guy) will set a awning on your defender. If the awning is set, move about your aggregation acquaintance to get open. That's a absolute basal play but it's absolute basic in this game. You can do added avant-garde accepting with screens like aces and rolls and aces and pops.

If you wish a specific amateur to set a awning (like a wing) afresh move the larboard stick appear that amateur and accompanying authority L1. You can let go of larboard stick already that amateur is starting to move for the screen.

Other than that, you can bifold tap the d pad in any administration on breach to accord orders to players that don't accept the ball. You can set an isolation, acquaint a amateur to cut appear the basket, acquaint a amateur to get accessible from a screen, and tell a amateur to column up.

Hold r1 if you accept the brawl to accessible up casual icons to your aggregation mates.

Hold r2 to sprint.

Hold l2 to column up if you accept the ball.

Use appropriate stick for distill moves (tutorial can admonish you dribbling adequately easy).


Hit X to ascendancy the appearance abutting to the ball.

Hold R1 to appearance ascendancy icons to added players on aegis if you don't wish to ascendancy the amateur cloest to the ball.

IMPORTANT - Authority L2 on aegis for arresting abetment on players. It "magnetizes" you to their movements and it's important to do.

Hold appropriate stick up to put a duke in your opponents face to challenge a attempt afterwards traveling for a block (very important).

Square button to abduct (go for steals if the brawl abettor "bumps" into you or if they're dribbling and not moving). Stealing is a arrangement you will get acclimated to.

Triangle to block (very acceptable for beneath the paint)!!!


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