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NBA Live - There is no final collectible

Any guesses on the final collectible bare for the Finals MVP? Sweet! If you're right, I'll be able to complete the set ancient about 2035.

There is no final collectible, it's just put there so you can't complete the set. For the playoff masters the lock with a individual account just concluded up accepting a timer.

Now that I anticipate about it, didn't the semifinals adept accept a "?", afresh acknowledge a aperture for 10 semifinals elites?

The semifinals adept had a 0/10 with a "?". The aboriginal 2 adept with a 0/1 "?" just had a timer.

I beggarly at this point no one knows at this point if the "?" will be an account or just a timer. All we can in actuality do it wait.

And Im a little agitated that the 50 Collectable set for Specialist players dont accord a boost.

So, why even bullwork for them if they dont accord the boost? These are basically cash-grabs by EA already afresh as it seems.

You can abandoned get ones that accept the motivator carbon boosts in the packs, not from the Live events, and that pisses me off as a F2P player. Thoughts about it?

The accomplished came has become money grabbing!!!

So abundant packs for cash, 99 players for banknote only- F2P players donnot even accept a adventitious to get top OVR cuz cutting is not account it anymore!

Seems like EA tries to yield what they can get afore the players leave!

That in actuality pisses me off NBA Live Mobile Coins!