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NBA Live - The Playoffs accept arrived

Starting today and active throughout the absolute postseason, the Playoffs will Live on your adaptable accessory in the NBA LIVE Adaptable Playoffs Program!

In accession to the 80+ new Playoffs players that are accepting added for you to collect, there will aswell be Live contest for every individual NBA Playoff game. You can play forth nightly to acquire big rewards and beforehand appear our Triple-Double King Russell Westbrook (95 OVR) and added accessible Playoffs Master players!

There's abundant added to appear throughout the NBA LIVE Adaptable Playoffs Program. Check aback every day to see what's new!

1,Everyone receives 87 Russell Westbrook

2,Triple-Double King Russell Westbrook can be congenital during the promo

3,97 OVR Master Magic Johnson can be built

Magic will be accessible in 5 altered positions and 5 altered lineups, all at a 97 overall. In adjustment to acquire him, you'll accept to access aristocratic Playoffs Big Moments collectibles altered to anniversary moment. You can access them either by playing through the Live contest or by venturing into the Bargain House.

1,Quarterfinal Masters can aswell be built

2,There are new Playoffs sets available

The accessible sets are:

A,Playoffs Moments - rewards aristocratic Playoffs Moments players and 97 OVR Master Magic Johnson

B,Playoffs Pick'Ems - rewards Pick'Em Badges (for actual guesses)

C,Playoffs Players - rewards Playoffs players from anniversary conference

D,Elite Playoffs Players - rewards aristocratic Playoffs players from anniversary conference

E,Playoffs Upgrades - rewards some of the best aristocratic Playoffs players that can be acclimated in Playoffs Master sets

F,Playoffs Masters - rewards Playoff masters from anniversary conference

G,Pick'Em Rewards - rewards Pick'Em Badges and appropriate rewards to advice you beforehand through the Playoffs

H,Triple-Double King - rewards altered levels of the Triple-Double King, Russell Westbrook

Playing in these Live contest will acquiesce you to accomplish your articulation heard by application appropriate collectibles to accomplish your anticipation for every game. Every time you accept correctly, you win!

Show your aggregation spirit by arena in Slogan-themed Live contest to aggregate your favourite team’s Playoffs slogan. Whether you “See Red,” “Defend the Land,” or “Believe Memphis,” there’s something for you! You can afresh use these slogans in sets to acquire Conference-themed Playoffs packs.

Relive the best moments of the playoffs throughout the affairs with appropriate Playoffs-themed Big Moments as able-bodied as traveling aback in time with Playoffs Legends.

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