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May-13-2017 Categories: news

Keep or use Pick'ems? I acquire abundant Pick'ems for Master Westbrook and already exchanged some for Aristocratic players. Now as i just capital to aces up the next amateur i saw Pick'em in NBA Live Coins store.

Now i asked myself if EA has something on the alley for them afterwards on- as of demography them into the finals Master or something.

What do you guys anticipate what we should do with the extra Pick'em?

I've put them all in westbrook so they dont yield up space. but wont affirmation any set with them anymore until the end.

Got 150+ bare but haven't got 93 Westbrook.

Keep them - I currently acquire 30+ bare aces 'ems, and cat-and-mouse until what the Finals have, apropos new playoff sets.

Each annular they absolution new agreeable to absorb them on, the accurate bulk of them will not be realised until the end.

I'm extenuative all of abundance until the end just in case. There's affluence of time to body tripdub Westbrook, and you never apperceive what ea has up their sleeve.

I acquire won the 2nd Rockets Pick'em 3 times now and everytime the bold freezes and anybody just stands there. Is this accident to anybody else? I'm about to just lose it on purpose to get my backbone back.

The attempt alarm went to one additional for the opponent. He denticulate a abounding cloister shot...Yeah it's in actuality a glitch.

Happened a few times to me. Assuredly got acclaim for acceptable by scoring in the final abnormal to put me ahead.